Monday, 7 April 2014

The History Of Kuchi People

History of Kuchi or Gypsy people:
The word "Kuchi" was derived from the Persian language word "Kuch". It is meant for movement of people from one region to another.
In ancient times Kuchi or Gypsy people use to travel or migrate to many regions for the purpose of trade and for their survival. They would stay there, where they found enough and suitable natural resources for them. They would not have a permanent residence, so; they would live in tents all life long, and migrate later on to another place for better resources.  Their lifestyle made them unique from other cultures as they analyzed many regional cultures of the world.
They would always live as a family and travelled together. They used camels, horses, donkeys to carry them and their goods and livestock as well.
They would always be doing trade of different things. They would also get items from one region to another region and exchange them with other goods. Getting from one region to another region would not be very easy as there were so many difficulties for them and so much security threats not just from humans but also from wild animals because, they would travel for weeks and sometimes for months to “Kuch” from one place and to reach to another place. They would not just have valuable goods with them but also their women and children to take care of. For best security they always travelled as a caravan and many in number. They had a breed of dog which was not only very big in size but also well trained and was known as a Kuchi dog.
That’s not all to it, they kept many useful pet animals or cattle like sheep’s, goats etc, it is why they would always try to move towards a greener region to get food for themselves and for their cattle. They would also use the wool from lambs to make woolen cloths and also exchange the wool with the other things like silk velvet etc.
The Kuchi women would also travel with the caravan along with their men. They would work as the backbone of their tribe. They were also trained for self defense and were also very talented. Whenever, they would go to some new region they would exchange many things with the local women not only goods but also many techniques of kuchi embroidery and designs andpatterns to see some examples of their work click here . They would also make friends in every region and learn from them their local fashion styles and latest trends and traditions which were well known by all the women. That’s why; the local women would always wait for the new Kuchi caravan to visit them because they were not only their shopping market but also a medium to get updates and news of fashion and latest trends of other regions. As a result, the Kuchi women learned the embroidery and dress designing from almost all of the regions. While travelling, the women did not waste their time even a second, so they would always be up to making something newer and trying to use all their skills to made new marvelous art icons, which were known as their trademark.

Nowadays, the pieces that was made or still being made by the Kuchi women, hypnotize and mesmerize the viewers. One can only imagine the time and efforts done to create an art signs and artifacts. Their needlework and designs without computers is amazingly a miracle in itself. One can’t find a matching design patch work of one piece with another even in thousand other pieces.

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